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Hitachi in Taiwan

Hitachi helps develop public infrastructures to promote safety and comfort in everyday life.


Air-Conditioners, Freezer, Water Tower

Air-Conditioners, Freezer, Water Tower
Apart from the home air-conditoning, Hitachi also contributes a lot to better business environment.

Finance / Service


Promoting Global Partnership Global Procurement Group plays an important role, providing assistance to enhance the competitiveness in today's increasingly competitive business environment. Souring effective partners is an important key to strengthening competitiveness.
For those companies wishing to form partnerships with Hitachi Group, we are the gateway to the finest suppliers in Hong Kong, Taipei and other cities in China and South Korea.

Products Handled by Global Procurement Group
Raw materials, machinery and parts, tools, dies and jigs, electrical & electronic parts or device, computer systems, software, subcontracts and OEM, EMS.
We are actively seeking suppliers to work with us in manufacturing products that are beneficial to society, while sharing and enjoying the mutual benefits of our relationship. We regard our suppliers as our trusted partners.


Logistics Service

Logistics Service
Since its foundation in 1950, The Hitachi Transport System has expanded its business by providing logistics services that fully integrate procurement, production, and sales systems. In Taiwan, we provide the various logistics services that meet the needs of our customers and support the specialization and expansion of their core businesses.