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Hitachi in Taiwan

Information Technology

In order to produce our customers' rich life, Hitachi provides a lot of IT services and financial services which support our customers' life and business events.


Electric power is essential to our way of life. Both now and in the future, how to ensure the reliable supply of electric power while reducing the load on the environment will remain a challenge on a global scale. In response, Hitachi develops and supplies an extensive range of highly efficient and reliable power generation systems throughout the world.

Power Generation / Transmission

Wind Turbine


Hitachi enables the energy conservation and resource saving by taking advantage of IT / electronics advanced technologies, and provides highly efficient industrial systems, which comply with sustainable cycloid society. Hitachi also contributes to create rich and comfortable living space.

Industrial System

Public / Urban / Transportation

Hitachi colligates advanced electronics technology, system technology and security technology in order to provide a wide variety of solutions producing "comfort" and "safety" which are required for office, residence and public facilities.

Air-Conditioners, Freezer, Water Tower

Finance / Service


Electronic Systems & Equipment

In the growing emergence of IT in business and society, Hitachi serves as a supplier to provide various advanced equipments such as semiconductors and display units, and contributes to the development of the contemporary society.

Construction Machinery

Hitachi supplies hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, compaction equipment, and a variety of other construction machinery based on a philosophy of being active in the evolution of "machinery" and the synergy between "human" and "business" that combines to create rich living spaces, making them more comfortable, highly developed and efficient.

Construction Machinery
(Excavators , Cranes, Wheel Loaders)

High Functional Materials & Components

The elements that make up Hitachi's Social Innovation Business include systems for a variety of fields that combine infrastructure technology and IT, the key devices such as motors and inverters that support the advanced features and competitiveness of these systems, and their high functional materials and components. An enabling technology, high functional materials are essential to bringing forth new innovations.

Chemical Materials


Metal Products
(Target Materials, Packaging Materials)

Home Appliances

Hitachi's home appliances, which include refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners, are designed not only to deliver basic performance and energy efficiency, but also to make users' lives easier by cutting the time and effort needed for housework, for example. Its air conditioners, meanwhile, deliver a pleasant environment to homes, offices, factories, and community spaces.

Kitchen equipment

Air condition