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Hitachi in Taiwan

Information Technology

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In order to produce our customers' rich life, Hitachi provides a lot of IT services and financial services which support our customers' life and business events.


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Hitachi services and solutions are provided in order to help our customers' life and business all the way.

Electronic Devices / Materials

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In the growing emergence of IT in business and society, Hitachi serves as a supplier to provide various advanced equipments such as semiconductors and display units, and contributes to the development of the contemporary society.

Public / Urban / Transportation

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Hitachi colligates advanced electronics technology, system technology and security technology in order to provide a wide variety of solutions producing "comfort" and "safety" which are required for office, residence and public facilities.

Environment / Power / Industrial

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Hitachi enables the energy conservation and resource saving by taking advantage of IT / electronics advanced technologies, and provides highly efficient industrial systems, which comply with sustainable cycloid society. Hitachi also contributes to create rich and comfortable living space.