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Incorporated in July 1966, Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. has been expanding its business scale and innovating technologies over the past 5 decades, realizing products and services that meet customers’ needs and ensure their safety. In April 2022, Yungtay Engineering joined the construction business department of the Hitachi Group, and was renamed Hitachi Yungtay Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) in May, a milestone in the Company’s history. In addition to collaborating with Hitachi to realize Group visions and improve brand value, the Company also engages itself in social innovation, aiming to achieve sustainable development and a better society. In terms of actions taken, the Company regards safety as its primary commitment, followed by the commitment to bringing customers quality products and services and improving the environmental and social value, striving for becoming an enterprise that customers trust.


11F., No. 99, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Major Products & Business Overview



By application: Passenger elevator; high-speed elevator; residential elevator; machine room-less elevator; observation elevator; medical elevator; and freight elevator. By function: Unintended Car Movement Protection (UCMP); Ascending Car Overspeed Protection (ACOP); Braking Force Automatic Detection System; Infrared Light Curtain; LED Green Energy-saving Advanced Lighting; Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Synchronous Door Machine System; Humanized Intelligent Control; Design Aimed at Comfort, Stability and Low-noise; Power-saving and Eco-friendly; and High-efficiency Energy Feedback Device.



Escalator and autowalks Through the accumulation of many years of experience and growth, Hitachi Yungtay has created all types of styles of escalator styles. In addition, our melding of electronics and machinery have resulted in automatic escalators that are more perfect, attractive, elegant and visually pleasing than before.

Elevator motors


In the area of motor control functionality, Hitachi Yungtay’s research capabilities are equipped with the same control technology as other international large-scale producers, such as voltage frequency controls, permeance vector controls, and speedless measurement vector control technologies. Also, at low operating speeds (<1Hz), operational smoothness and operational stability is absolutely equivalent to other international large factory technologies, where shows the strong capabilities of research in Hitachi Yungtay.

Anti-Epidemic products


We provide products and functions such as air purifiers, ultraviolet germicidal lamps, gesture-activated elevator call system, contactless button, voice-activated elevator call system, and infrared light curtain.

E PASS Intelligent-Safety-Elevator

图片:E PASS 智能安全電梯

HITACHI YUNGTAY launches a new generation of E PASS intelligent safety elevators using advanced AI and IoT technology. In addition, several exclusive patented active and passive safety systems, EU energy-saving certification, and anti-bacterial and anti-epidemic technology comprehensively improve the user's riding efficiency and comfortable experience and protect passengers' safety and healthy life taking the elevator.

Design, manufacture, sales, installation, and repair and maintenance of elevators


We develop high-performance motor control technologies and friendly user interfaces, comply with international environmental standards, align with the market trends to develop remote monitoring systems, IoT technologies, and diagnosis technologies, thereby making the Company a leader in the digital transformation of the industry.