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Welcome to Web Exhibition of Hitachi!

The Web Exhibition is designed to present Hitachi's stunning shows at a variety of exhibitions worldwide. We expect you may acquire an in-depth knowledge about Hitachi and its comprehensive competitiveness through this area.

Computex Taipei 2011

Photo: Computex Taipei 2011

For Computex Taipei 2011, the 6 Hitachi group companies will jointly showcase a wide range of the latest products and services from May 31-June 4 2011 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (Booth M820, 4th floor). Hitachi expects to leave the next generation a healthier global environment with creating activities and basis of the theme of Hitachi's exhibition is "A world of Harmony and Splendor," and Hitachi sincerely invites you to experience what technology brings. Hitachi has always deemed and insisted environment protection as one of its most important social priorities, and this year Hitachi is still unfolding "Mengmo" creative idea to draw on its passion and ability to develop new technologies and eco-products to reduce pollution and to create "a world of harmony and splendor" for future generations.

Computex Taipei 2010

Photo: Computex Taipei 2010

To celebrate its 100th year anniversary and to thank all its customers for their support, Hitachi is well-aware of its important role in technology innovation and corporate social responsibility. Regardless how the times and society have changed, Hitachi still believes that its main contribution to society is growing and prospering with its customers and the public via technology breakthroughs and pioneering business spirit.

Computex Taipei 2009

Photo: Computex Taipei 2009

Hitachi aims to promote our products and solutions to Taiwan IT, semiconductor, and TFT industry, and provide a platform for group companies to develop the business, to tie up present customers' relationship, and also to integrate the brand image communication of Hitachi in Taiwan. 9 of the group companies joined Computex Taipei 2009 under the theme "Our Solution Creates Your Value." The purpose is to let our visitors experience not only Hitachi's high-tech products, but also to familiarize them with our ecological aim and the issues of "environmental 2025".

Computex Taipei 2008

Photo: Computex Taipei 2008

Hitachi lead its seven Group Companies in Taiwan to join the Computex Taipei 2008 from June 3rd to 7th. The Exhibition is not only the greatest event in ICT industry among Asian area but also there is a newly opened Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taiwan this year.