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Hitachi's Business Development in Taiwan

Since the establishment of its first Taiwan representative office in 1953, Hitachi in Taiwan has developed into a well-organized conglomerate with more than 20 affiliated institutions, 4,000 above of employees, and US$ 4 billion of annual sales turnover.

Hitachi's Business Development in Taiwan

Currently, 4 main business categories make up the Hitachi in Taiwan:

  1. Terminal Sales of Products and Services
    Which comprise consumer-related home appliances and air-conditionings and enterprise-related logistics services and solution packages including data storage.
  2. Social Infrastructures and Industrial Equipments
    Which include social infrastructure products and systems related to power & energy, transportation, electric equipment and construction machinery.
  3. Components, Materials and High-tech Manufacturing Equipments
    Which include key components of storage, video, and communication that relates to ICT applications, high-functional materials, and high-tech semiconductor and LCD-panel manufacturing equipments.
  4. Global Procurement
    Which include the purchases of the full set or components of PCs, TVs, and semiconductors.

For more information and further queries about Hitachi businesses and affiliates in Taiwan, please visit Taiwan Directory. Thank you.

Hitachi Spirit in Taiwan

Hitachi Spirit in Hong Kong

In Taiwan, you must have heard or used Hitachi air-conditioners, refrigerators or washing machines; but when you enjoy the comfortable air-conditioning and high funtional design home appliances, you might not even imagine that part of equipments for power generation and distribution also come from Hitachi.

You probably know that PC monitors are Taiwan's first product to share over 50% of worldwide market during the process Taiwan sweeps the IT hardware manufacturing; but you might not know it's Hitachi who fully supported its Taiwan customers with the color display tubes(CRTs) it produced and it grabbed the worldwide no.1 share with.

We believe that through the media you've appreciated the beauty of Taiwan High Speed Rail(THSR) and Taroko Tilting Train. But you might not sense that one third of the trains used in THSR and all the trains used in Taroko Tilting Train were produced by Hitachi. Even very so early in the 1931s, the generators by Hitachi have been used for the Wu-shan-tou Reservoir to irrigate the Chia-nan Plain.

"To take root in Taiwan" sounds like an outdated slogan but actually makes the conviction second to none to the 4000 employees in Hitachi Taiwan.

Technology is the foundation of Hitachi, who contributed profoundly to the modernization of Japan in the 20th century with the innovative skills accumulated over the hundred years. In the sense to introduce Hitachi's cutting-edge products and skills to Taiwan and to combine the friendship and the flexibility specifically inherent in Taiwan society, Hitachi's employees here dedicate themselves everyday to exploiting Hitachi's technology in the world-class industrial competition facing Taiwan, the mountainous island geographically and culturally similar to Japan.

We are convinced that Hitachi's founding philosophy featuring "Harmony, " "Sincerity, " and "Pioneering spirit" will keep being embodied in the manifestation of the further improved infrastructures, the more invigorating industrial development and the happier lives of Taiwan people.

Company Profile

Company Name Taiwan Hitachi Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Address 3rd Floor, No.167, Tun Hua N. Road, Hung-Kuo Building, Taipei 105, Taiwan
Founded 2003-5-19