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To create a framework that well handles the rapid business development, Taiwan Hitachi Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., has been stuctured to provide a wide range of products and services covering: Power & Energy Systems, Social Infrastructure Systems, Industrial Enquipment Systems, Data Storages, Electronic Media and Display Products, and Global Procurement Services as well.


3rd Floor, No.167, Tun Hua N. Road, Hung-Kuo Building, Taipei 105, Taiwan

Major Products & Business Overview

Power Systems and Equipment

Photo: Power Systems and Equipment

Hitachi pursues the compatibility of stable supply of energy and environmental preservation. Hitachi focuses not only on the various power generation systems but also power distribution system and next generation energy development.


Photo: Transportation

Through the transportation system development, Hitachi contributes to develop the public infrastructure to keep safe, peace and comfortable life.

Industrial Equipments

Photo: Industrial Equipments

Hitachi enables the energy conservation and resource saving by taking advantage of IT / electronics advanced technologies, and provides highly efficient industrial systems, which comply with sustainable society.

Industrial Equipment Systems

Photo: Industrial Equipment Systems

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Group provides three elements: Water, Electricity, Air related equipment and systems for factory infrastructure.
Hitachi Air Compressor Lineup: (Reciprocating, Screw, Scroll types, and Auxiliary equipment) Sullair Air Compressor Lineup: (Screw, Portable types, and Vacuum Pump). Sullair joined Hitachi Group in July 2017, with an extended Sullair lineup, we are more inspired than ever to bring exceptional support and satisfaction to our valued customers worldwide. Hitachi electric lineup: (CPTrans, Inverter, Programmable Controller(PLC), Circuit Breakers Motor, Vortex Blower, Water Pump, Hoist, Ink Jet Printer, Laser marker & Electromagnetic Switches. We provide various application solutions for industrial and social infrastructures.
Products information(

Optical Disk Drive / DVD Recorders

Photo: Optical Disk Drive / DVD Recorders

Hitachi-LG Data Storage provides the first super multi drive in the world for reading and writing on DVD-RAM / DVD-R / DVD-RW / +R / +RW / CD-R / CD-RW disks.

Optical Pickup Head

Photo: Optical Pickup Head

Hitachi Optical Pickup for DVD-ROM, DVD / RW Drives are the typical ultra-precision components for the removable memory media.

Front End Module

Photo: Front End Module

Hitachi offers small size, Hight performance, Hight reliability and various selection of Front End Modules to customer for GSM, EDGE, 3G solution.

Lamp Driver

Photo: Lamp Driver

Hitachi is Lamp driver leadership and using Low voltage starter, Superposed Pulse Current, Low Power Shoutdown, Microcomputer Control technology in our product. We offers many kinds of model to customer.
1. Over 200W (for Portable Projector)
2. 200W~100W (for Rear PTV)
3. Under 100W (for Mobile Projector)


Photo: Tuner

Hitachi provides ISDB-T Tuner solution for Mobile Phone, car device and handheld device with advantages below:
1. Compact packaging build in RF circuit and OFMD.
2. Low-IF conversion for RF.
3. Low Phase Noise.
4. Low power consumptions.
5. TS serial out.

Global Procurement Business

Photo: Global Procurement Business

Promoting Global Partnership Global Procurement Group plays an important role, providing assistance to enhance the competitiveness in today's increasingly competitive business environment. Souring effective partners is an important key to strengthening competitiveness.
For those companies wishing to form partnerships with Hitachi Group, we are the gateway to the finest suppliers in Hong Kong, Taipei and other cities in China and South Korea.

Products Handled by Global Procurement Group
Raw materials, machinery and parts, tools, dies and jigs, electrical & electronic parts or device, computer systems, software, subcontracts and OEM, EMS.
We are actively seeking suppliers to work with us in manufacturing products that are beneficial to society, while sharing and enjoying the mutual benefits of our relationship. We regard our suppliers as our trusted partners.