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Hitachi in Taiwan

Corporate Information

Corporate Information
Corporate Name Vantec Hitachi Transport System (Taiwan) Ltd. *
Address 10,No.237 Songjiang Road, Taipei, 10483 Taiwan
TEL +886-2-2518-5700
FAX +886-2-2518-5815
Founded 1990-4-9
Business Overview In Taiwan, we provide the various logistics services that meet the needs of our customers and support the specialization and expansion of their core businesses.
  • * Enquity-method associates and joint ventures

Map of corporate

Office Picture

Photo: Office Picture

Other Offices

Corporate Name Taichung Office
Address No.230, Sihwer Central Rd., Wuci Township Taichung Country, Taichung 43542, Taiwan
TEL +886-4-2657-8826
FAX +886-4-2657-8827

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Corporate Name Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Office
Address 3rd F,No.10-1, Hang-Chin N. RD, Taoyuan Int'l Airport, Taoyuan Taiwan
TEL +886-3-383-3689
FAX +886-3-383-3173

Map of corporate

Corporate Name Kaohsiung Office
Address RoomB, 5F-4, No.56, Minsheng 1st RD, Sinsing District, Kaohsiung Taiwan
TEL +886-7-229-0319
FAX +886-7-229-5450

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Major Products & Business Overview

Third Party Logistics(3PL)

Photo: 三方物流系統

Based on Three Strengths of Hitachi Transport System (Consulting, IT & LE Operation), we provide a customer best solution and support customer's Specialization and Expansion of Core Business.

Global Logistics (Import Export Customs Clearance, Forwarding/Air Cargo/Sea Freight, N.V.O.C.C., Overseas Transportation)

Photo: 全球化物流

We provide the efficient Global Logistics services which correspond to Border-less SCM(Supply Chain Management) with our global partners.

Taiwan Domestic Logistics (Warehousing, Outgoing Suport, Domestic Delivery)

Photo: Taiwan Domestic Logistics

We provide Warehousing operation,for instance, offering storage space & customer's ordering system and delivering all over Taiwan with our partners.

Heavy Machinery and Precision Instrument Logistics (Special Trucking, Clean Room Moving-In/Out, Installation)

Photo: Heavy Machinery and Precision Instrument Logistics

We provide Transportation, Move-In/Out & Installing operation for Heavy Machinery and Precision Instrument, for instance, Train ,Plant, LCD & Semiconductor Machines.

Machinery Packaging (Carton/Wooden/Steel Packaging/Vacuum(Clearn Barrier) Packaging)

Photo: Machinery Packaging

We provide high quality packing operation which meets the needs of a customer, for instance, Fumigation of packing material, Preparation of packing materials,

Other Logistics (Exhibition Goods Handling and Moving Service e.t.c.)

Photo: Other Logistics

We provide special handling for Exhibition,Concert,Family Removal and Trank Room services .e.t.c.