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Hitachi in Taiwan

Corporate Information

Corporate Information
Corporate Name Hitachi High-Technologies Taiwan Corporation
Address Shin Kang Chung Shan Bldg.10F1.,
44, Sec, @, Chung Shan N.Rd., Taipei 104 Taiwan
TEL +886-2-2563-4750
FAX +886-2-2536-5475
Founded 1969-08
Business Overview Electronic Decice Systems, Information Systems and Electronic Components, Advanced Industrial Products
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Office Picture

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Other Offices

Offices Name TEL FAX Address
Hsinchu Office +886-3-560-1366 +886-3-560-1377 12F, No.1, Tai-Yuen 1st St., Jhubei City HsinChu Hsien 302, Taiwan
Taichung Office +886-4-2452-5956 +886-4-2452-5345 12F-2, No. 128-3, Sec. 2, Taichung Kang Rd., Hsitun Dist., Taichung City
Tainan Office +886-6-505-6020 +886-6-505-0420 1F., No12, Lane 31, Sec. 1, Huandong Rd., Xinshi Shiang, Tainan, 744 Taiwan

Hsinchu Office
Hsinchu Office

Taichung Office
Taichung Office

Tainan Office
Tainan Office